“Baking may be a science but it also allows for so much creativity. Each product created has love baked into it. I feel blessed to do what I do and share it not only with friends and family, but with the entire community.“

-Marleine Astrinos


About Marleine

Marleine lives in San Jose with her husband Bilo. When she's not in her kitchen, you'll find her outside gardening or DIY-ing her latest creation!

Marleine recently opened her shop to the public and couldn't be more excited to be sharing her cakes and sweets with the community! 

At Nousa's, we believe in creativity of the craft and the best quality ingredients. We strive to build a relationship with each customer and bring your cake visions to life! 

Nousa's always offers top-notch, friendly service. Have you tried our Baklava? Bet you can't have just one!