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At Nousa's, we believe in creativity of the craft and the best quality ingredients. We strive to build a relationship with each customer and bring your cake visions to life! Nousa's always offers top-notch, friendly service. Have you tried our Baklava? Bet you can't have just one!  


About Marleine

Marleine is a full-time home baker and has been perfecting her craft since she was young. While growing up in Egypt, Marleine first began to explore her kitchen talents. These Middle-Eastern and Mediterranean culinary backgrounds add a unique and delightful quality to her offerings today,


Our Mission

Nousa’s takes pride in a commitment to tradition, quality ingredients and producing desserts that that bring a special joy to life. We are passionate about our products, sharing our talent with the community and making every day that much sweeter.




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Canelé de Bordeaux
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Baklava Rolls Gift Box
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Original Baklava Rolls
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